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Chiropractic care has been shown to help with multiple musculoskeletal and neurological conditions.  If you suffer from pain in the low back, neck, or middle back chiropractic care is proven to be the best line of treatment for any of these conditions. Chiropractic treatment is safe and comfortable to most.  While you may be in pain when you arrive, we will do everything we can to keep you comfortable and make your visit as painless as possible.  Many of our first time patients report a decrease in pain after only the first visit.  While many people get better with only a few adjustments, more  visits may be necessary  to fully take care of each individual situation.  The doctor will discuss with you your condition and treatment options that would be best for you and to get you back to living life as soon as possible.


We offer treatment for the following conditions: 

-Neck Pain



-Mid Back Pain

-Low Back Pain


-Neck and Back Pain Related to Pregnancy

-Shoulder Pain

-Elbow Pain

-Wrist Pain

-TMJ Pain

-Hip Pain

-Knee Pain

-Ankle/Foot Pain

-Plantar Fascitiis 

-Pain Due to Abnormal Posture

Services Provided

-Chiropractic Treatment and Rehabilitation

-Instrument Adjusting


-Spinal and Postural Exercises

-Pediatric Care

-Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization

-Pediatric Chiropractic Treatment

-Custom Orthotics

-DOT Exams

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