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What Is A Custom Orthotic?
A custom orthotic is a directly formed foot supportive devise that, when worn in shoes, this insole positions the feet in proper biomechanical alignment to help alleviate pain in your feet, heels, knees and throughout your body. Your custom foot orthotics and supports are made to the specific contours and structural characteristics of your feet. Orthotics support the foot and ankle during weight-bearing movements like walking, running, skiing and more. These custom foot beds and insoles align the joints within the foot providing stability and comfort. This allows for more normalized weight distribution, significantly reducing pain and discomfort and helping to prevent injuries like shin splints.

What Is Special About Custom Foot Orthotics?
This modern high-tech foot support product is made from the most supportive and shock absorbing materials available. The use of custom fit orthotics can help do to their superior characteristics in reducing foot pain, heel pain, lower back pain as well as shin splints and other athletic related discomfort and injuries. 

Who Needs Custom Foot Orthotics?
Everyone can benefit from proper foot support. Specifically, if you suffer from foot, shin, knee, hip or back pain you can greatly benefit from Custom Foot Orthotics. 

Do Custom Foot Orthotics Require Special Shoes?
The important fact is the better the shoe, the better the orthotic works. The orthotic insole supports the foot and the shoe supports the foot and orthotic. The custom foot orthotic can be made to fit easily in most shoes. Shoes with removable insoles that have good support work best. The best example of this type of shoe is a comfort shoe designed for walking. This shoe has a round toe box, laces and a firm heel area. A thinner custom shoe insole can also be designed to fit dress shoes.

How Long Does It Take To Get Custom Foot Orthotics?
The evaluation and fabrication of the custom orthotic will take about 30 minutes.  Occasionally the time to fabricate the orthotic will be longer but generally 30 min is all that is required. 

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